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For Artistic Endeavors

Even the most disciplined and enthusiastic artist--writer, painter, dancer, musician, etc.--can lull, can get stuck. The artistic process, in all its variety and mercurial glory, is sometimes just very difficult to predict and navigate. Individually or in a small group, DSDS seminars can re-activate, re-energize, and re-focus you. And the process, readings, conversations, and exercises can be modified to address specific, particular artistic skills or projects.

Individual Client Video Seminar/Workshop ($120)

  • Personal creativity query (emailed beforehand).
  • 60-minute meeting and discussion (via online video), which includes:
  • Assessment of personal creativity.
  • DSDS thinking/writing activities appropriate to individual goals.
  • Awareness discussion and assessment.
  • Questions.
  • DSDS portable strategies.

Extended Individual Creativity Program ($400/month)

  • Individual Client Seminar, PLUS:
  • Relevant reading and discussion.
  • Weekly 60-minute meetings/discussions (via online video) about progress and additional goals.
  • Weekly email communication about writing activities and goals.
  • Revised or additional relevant readings, activities and exercises. 

60-Minute Group Seminar (video meeting or at your facility)

  • Initial discussion of chosen DSDS topic.
  • Presentation/Lecture.
  • Relevant writing exercise to explore and work with topic.
  • Response and assessment discussion.
  • DSDS portable strategies.

2-4 Hour Group Seminar (at your facility)

  • Personal creativity query for each participant (emailed before seminar).
  • Select short reading appropriate to group goals (emailed before seminar).
  • Brief, individual introductions to articulate each participant’s creative goals.
  • Three original DSDS writing exercises relevant to group goals. 
  • Discussion and application of the short reading (throughout seminar).
  • Awareness discussion and assessment (between each writing exercise).
  • Closing discussion, questions, and DSDS portable strategies.