With more than 22 years writing, teaching creative and expository writing at the University of Michigan and for CUNY, and editing all types of personal and professional projects, I know how enriching and challenging good writing can be. It often has as much to do with our personal selves—confidence, habits, emotions—as anything technical. It is, however, also technical. I can help with both. I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to and advising students and writers, exploring their processes and goals, shaping and editing manuscripts, and writing original content. Whether a short, frustrating document for work, a grand memoir, or those secret short stories, I can help your writing evolve and help you complete your work more efficiently and with great satisfaction. 

"I personally credit Geoff with unlocking me as a writer, and for giving me the tools and confidence to stretch beyond my own expectations of myself." -Benj Pasek, songwriter, Academy Award, Golden Globe, "City of Stars," La La Land, Tony Award, Dear Evan Hansen

"I've taken several writing courses throughout my career, and Geoff is by far the best instructor I've ever worked with. He has the incredible gift of helping you become your best self as a writer. I can't recommend him enough." -Laurie Segall, CNN Correspondent, Producer and host of Mostly Human

"While Geoff's got mad skills for pros looking to level up their story/narrative/toolbox game, I've also seen him dismantle the ticking timebomb that is a worried first-timer, too, who knows she has a story to tell but doesn't know where to start. Here's what she learned: you start with Geoff." -Tim Federle, Award-winning author