Testimonials for Deep Space, Deep Sea

Geoffrey showed me that writing to discover is the secret for getting inside my brain, learning how to listen to it and let the words come out. He gave me the freedom not to worry about perfection, but content. He has taught me to enjoy the process and to dig deep. Wherever I end up I will have enjoyed the journey. His support and positive energy turns frustration into a puzzle waiting to be solved. Our conversations about writing, mine and in general, have taught me not only how to write better, but about myself. —Emily Luchetti, James Beard Award-winning Pastry Chef/Cookbook Author

Geoff Bankowski is a great teacher. He has an amazing ability to inspire curiosity in his students while teaching them how to dive deeper into themselves. He helps those who have had the privilege of studying with him to mine from their own triumphs, heartbreaks, insecurities and passions to create new, dangerous, and surprising work. I personally credit him with unlocking me as a writer, and for giving me the tools and confidence to stretch beyond my own expectations of myself. I feel incredibly lucky to have been his student. —Benj Pasek, songwriter (Academy Award, Golden Globe, "City of Stars," La La Land; Tony Award, Dear Evan Hansen)

Geoff has an incredible ability to bring out creativity that can sometimes be buried. Our workshops helped me become a stronger writer, and, most importantly, a better human. I've taken several writing courses throughout my career, and Geoff is by far the best instructor I've ever worked with. He has the incredible gift of helping you become your best self as a writer. I can't recommend him enough. I'm so grateful for his guidance and the gems I've learned from his classes that have helped shape my career. —Laurie Segall, former CNN Tech Correspondent, Host and Producer of Mostly Human.

How to describe the cool but warm energy Geoff brings into a room: Okay, it's like when you're a freshman on the quad and the impossibly cool and out-of-reach senior struts by your group, but instead of ignoring or judging your clumsy self, he stops and talks to you and even asks questions and actually helps you, like, unlock a part of yourself. He nods. He leans in. He brings ideas but is open to a group's dynamic, too — allowing the bigger need of what any squad of writers or creators wants to come through, instead of riding his own agenda into a wall. That said, while Geoff's got mad skills for pros looking to level up their story/narrative/toolbox game, I've also seen him dismantle the ticking bomb that is a worried first-timer, too, who knows she has a story to tell but doesn't know where to start. Here's what she learned: you start with Geoff. —Tim Federle, award-winning novelist, co-writer of Academy Aware and Golden Globe nominee for Best Animated Feature, Ferdinand.

Being in Geoffrey's class was like getting the best kind of creative kick in the pants. His generous and insightful approach to teaching and leading a group of writers fosters meaningful reflection and provides imaginative tools for deep artistic exploration. I got some of my best writing in a long time done during the weeks I participated in his workshop. —Shaina Taub, Singer/Songwriter