for Wellness

For Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, and Wellness

Certainly, the mind and body are as intertwined as they are complex. It is a system with profound potential that, unfortunately, often goes avoided or underdeveloped because this complexity can seem intimidating or even unpleasant. In truth, your body is always in the process of growing and healing itself, and your mind is always trying to serve your health and happiness. But it can be difficult to remember this if we don’t take the time to get familiar and comfortable with the particular (and often, odd!) ways our mind and body communicate with us. Many DSDS seminars work to make you aware of these important processes and fluent in the mind’s language of image and imagination. When we become more familiar with and less intimidated by the vivid and powerful way our minds work, we can discover great insight into our physical and emotional health. This self-awareness then often brings a calmer sense of self and more happiness. But, just as in yoga or meditation, these skills require mindfulness and practice.   

Individual Client Video Seminar/Workshop ($120)

  • Personal creativity query (emailed beforehand).
  • 60-minute meeting and discussion (via online video), which includes:
  • Assessment of personal creativity.
  • DSDS thinking/writing activities appropriate to individual goals.
  • Awareness discussion and assessment.
  • Questions.
  • DSDS portable strategies.

Extended Individual Creativity Program ($400/month)

  • Individual Client Seminar, PLUS:
  • Relevant reading and discussion.
  • Weekly 60-minute meetings/discussions (via online video) about progress and additional goals.
  • Weekly email communication about writing activities and goals.
  • Revised or additional relevant readings, activities and exercises. 

60-minute Group Seminar (video meeting or at your facility)

  • Initial discussion of chosen DSDS topic.
  • Presentation/Lecture.
  • Relevant writing exercise to explore and work with topic.
  • Response and assessment discussion.
  • DSDS portable strategies.

2-4 Hour Group Seminar (at your facility)

  • Personal creativity and wellness query for each participant (emailed before seminar).
  • Select short reading appropriate to group goals (emailed before seminar).
  • Brief, individual introductions to articulate each participant’s goals.
  • Three original DSDS writing exercises relevant to group goals. 
  • Discussion and application of the short reading (throughout seminar).
  • Awareness discussion and assessment (between each writing exercise).
  • Closing discussion, questions, and DSDS portable strategies.